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its been a while.....

so yes i have recently been a horrible guardian of my livejournal
but i have decided to bring back the love and tell the tale of miami:

so i'm here in college, in miami, the most wonderful city in the world
i just can't describe how amazing everything is
i love my friends here
after like the first day we had a little clique and they're amazing
i was given the room on my floor which used to be the lounge so its bigger and with nicer furniture that we can move all around which we've done and its wicked hott
my classes are pretty good, i have really cool teachers so that's hott
but i've already like skipped some of my classes....not on purpose though

i am also idea how good of a decision that is
but yeah next week is rush week and its gonna be wicked stressful...but by saturday i will have a sorority...
i'm not completely sure if i wanna pay the extra couple thousand a year for it though....

i dunno
hurrican katrina was pretty fun for us
got classes cancelled 2 days, campus was pretty trashed though
oh well
no idea what else to write
i love miami and everything YAY
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